All or Nothing

Play a slice, win a pizza!

The excitement of pizza delivered to your home is so amazing that everyone is eager to eat the slices, in fact, everyone is interested to take the whole pizza for themselves. This situation can be best handled and resolved by a fabulous game called All or nothing. It can be played before you start eating the delicious pizza on the table or you can casually eat it while enjoying this fun game.

All or nothing is a simple but fun 2 to 4 player game, where players play cards to complete exactly 12 slices of pizza and win the whole pizza for themselves. A great party game designed by Prayas Abhinav and Huma Samir published by Nonserious Games. It can be played with kids ages 7 and above. The simplicity and fun factor are well balanced to give you enjoyment without much rules and functions to handle.


The game comes with 48 cards. There are Green cards that ass slices to the pizza, Red cards that subtract slices form the pizza, and Black cards that add or subtract slices form the pizza based on your decision. The deck is shuffled and 4 cards are dealt with each player. Every turn a player must play one card from the hand and pick one card from the deck.


The game can be played in two modes: Simple mode or Challenge mode. In Simple mode, each player’s hand is hidden from the other players. In Challenge mode each player’s hand is open to see for other players. There are some game-changer cards like Double-order card which changes the winning condition to 24 slices instead of 12 slices to win the game. Also, On the house card which allows the player to win the game with double points.

The player who plays a card and completes 12 slices of pizza wins the game. The number of cards played in the center is counted to get the score for that player.

All or Nothing is a casual, non-serious game made in India by Indian game designers. The game is very easy to teach. It takes no time to set up and it can be played almost anytime. The game especially shines during parties. It is a cool game with minimal rules and maximum fun in a small box ready to be carried anywhere, anytime. This game solves the problem sharing slices of pizza and in addition, brings fun and enjoyment to the party. The challenge mode will test your arithmetic skills at the table.

Funbrio Games recommends “All or nothing” if you love pizza, party, and fun.

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