BANG: The Dice Game

BANG! The Dice Game is a dice game with a Yahtzee style role mechanism for 3 to 8 players. Players take the role of Sheriff, Deputies, Outlaws, and renegades. The roles have goals to eliminate other players or be the last team standing. Amidst all this, the western battles face attacks by Indians with arrows that hurt you or may even kill your health in the game. The mix of dice rolling and social deduction makes this game shine as a nice group gaming activity. Also, players get to have various characters who possess special powers. These powers make the game more dynamic and interesting to play especially for players more than 5 in number.

The game is designed by Micheal Palm and Lukas Zach. The artwork is done by Riccardo Pieruccini. The mechanisms like Dice rolling, Hidden Roles, Variable player powers, and Push your luck are really blended well in the classic theme of the wild west where tension is always rising with outlaws and the law. The artwork is done so well that the characters and roles immerse you in the game. It takes you through the experience of a wild west encounter.


Start the game by taking a role card that places you on a team. Except for Sheriff all players put their role cards hidden from the other players. Each player receives a character card which gives them special power throughout the game. Players get health or bullet tokens equal to the health mentioned on the character card. The goal of the game is to win by fulfilling the roles of the team, i.e. The Sheriff and Deputy need to eliminate outlaws, Outlaws win the game by killing the Sheriff, and the Renegades win by being the last players standing alive in the game.


On turn orders, Players roll 5 dice up to three times depending on their choice of face selection and locking the dice. These allow the player to heal using beer, multi-kill using Gatling gun, shoot adjacent and other players using targets, Get arrows of Indians, dynamites make you lose a life, and cause harm to your turn’s effect. In addition to all these players can use their character special powers to alter the conditions in their favor and try to bend the game on their side. As long as your team wins the game even though you are dead, you still win the game. So shoot bullets only at your enemies and constantly heal your wounds caused by Indian arrows, enemy bullets, and dynamites to emerge victorious in the wild west battles.

Bang: The dice game has many expansions on character cards, new game elements to enhance the gaming experience. This game works really well with more number of people. A player count of 8 makes this game shine very well in the group as the core element of player elimination and special powers with hidden roles brings out the fun of a real wild west battle and encounters. The game plays out in about 15 to 20 minutes which is fairly a good amount of time for the amount of fun it provides to the players.

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