Diamant is a really fun and interesting game for 3 to 8 players. It is also published as Incan Gold. It is a push your luck game where players try to loot as much treasure as possible from the cave mine without falling into traps and other dangers of the dark underground world. The treasure gems are shared evenly amongst players. Remember to stash your treasure in the chest by abandoning the quest at the right time or gain nothing in return if you fall in the traps like snakes, spiders, boulders, etc.

The game is designed by Bruno Faidutti and Alan R Moon. The artwork is done by Paul Mafayon, Jorg Asselborn, and a few others. The game has pushed your luck as its core mechanism, and other mechanisms like bluffing, simultaneous action selection, etc. also there are some interesting relic cards that give jackpots if only one player exits out of all the players. This suspense of decision and outcomes makes the game very enjoyable. The treasure is distributed evenly amongst players so there is a sense of sharing of the treasure. This aspect allows players to work for more treasure as the shares are not always abundant.


Use the board and set it on the table, it depicts the entrance to the cave mines. Shuffle the Ruby treasure cards and put one trap card pair in the deck. Each player is given a chest to safeguard their loot, a player meeple, and exit as well as continue cards. These cards serve the purpose of displaying your decision to other players. The precious stones, ruby, and diamonds are kept near the play area used as the reserve. The has 5 rounds in total signified by 5 entrances to the cave mine. After every round, the entrances are blocked by barricades and the next entrance is explored.


Every turn, flip the top expedition card from the deck. Share the rubies mentioned on the card to all the players and the remaining are kept on the card. These gained rubies can be lost unless you discontinue to explore further and return outside the cave to stash the loot in your chest. It also allows the player to gain the rubies on the previous cards. Before every reveal of the card, players must decide and reveal their decision of exploring the cave or returning to the camp. If two trap cards are revealed you bust and all the players lose the rubies gained and return empty-handed. The next round is started by shuffling different trap cards in the deck until 5 rounds are over. In the end the player with the most points wins the game. Relic cards give bonuses if they are grabbed by only one player.

Diamant is a fun game for many players. It is great scalability to accommodate 8 players without waiting for the turn of each player, as there is simultaneous action selection by all the players. The tension builds up as players go deeper into the cave. The right balance of continuing and discontinuing the expedition will make you rich and win you the game. It is very easy to teach to small children and very engaging activity for them. It is a cool game with really nice components like a treasure chest, ruby and diamond gemstones, Cool minis and much more. The feel of underground perils is delivered by fantastic artwork combined with a treasure theme. The game will surely be an engaging and fun experience with as many as 8 players.

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