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Star Realms- A Sci-Fi Deck building Game

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

2 Players

20 Minutes

12+ Ages

Deck Building Game


In this game, players forge a star realm where they build a military through shipping and trade. This fleet of warships is used to protect your empire’s health and destroy the enemy.

The game is published by White Wizard Games designed by Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty. The Deckbuilding mechanism using a trading component tests your ability to make decisions and drives to devise a strategy to defeat your opponent. The theme is well designed to take you into outer space and put you into the shoes of a stellar emperor. The game comes with 128 cards as a complete set for 2 players, which can be expanded for more players. It has won the best 2 player game Dice Tower Gaming Award.

The game has the play again vibe, as it is played within a maximum of 20 min filled with strategy and fun. It can be played as a lunchtime game, short dueling game, and the tournaments reach a stellar excitement. The tuck box can literally fit in your pocket, which makes it portable for outdoor trips, and a sense of carrying a realm of stars in your pocket gives you a sense of power over these realms. It has multiplayer rules with various setups to make it a group gaming activity. Setups like Hunter for 3+ players, Hydra for 4 to 6 Players, Emperor for 6 players, and Raid for 3 to 6 Players, etc. These setups create a scenario of responsibilities and roles which change your strategy. They provide a flavor of stellar adventure on your table. It is a must-have game for all deck builders and space lovers.

Components, Mechanism, Setup, and Gameplay

Deckbuilding and Trading cards game combat. This mechanism tests your skills in strategy formation and decision making.


In a 2 player game, the player going first has to take 3 cards out of his deck and play those to buy new cards from the trade row or attack the opponent. The new cards are and the used cards are added to your discard pile. When the draw deck is exhausted, you shuffle and make the discards deck as your draw deck. The new cards may be ships or bases. Ships have primary and secondary effects. The primary abilities of the ship take place immediately as the ship is played. The secondary effect takes place if you have 2 cards played from the same faction. Bases are of 2 types, Outposts which primarily defends the health and stays on the battlefield until destroyed and non-outpost bases remain in play but don’t defend the authority. The Bases’ abilities are chosen by the player to take their effects.

The cards have ally abilities of the factions as secondary abilities, these get activated if you play a card of that ally faction during the main phase. Some cards have Scrap abilities indicated by a bin symbol, which removes the card from your deck into oblivion. In addition, Scrap ability cards provide some beneficial effects before scraping them. The rules are fairly simple to grasp in order to start playing the game.

The Star Realms box is packed with lots of fun. Once you open the box the fun is never-ending. Have Fun!

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