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Guess the Fence

8+ ages

30 minutes

2 to 4 players

Guess the Fence is a board game designed by Luma World for 2 to 4 Players, ages 8 and above, and gameplay of 30 minutes. It is a guess and write game that will help burgeon your visual reasoning and creativity. It’s perfect for families to have a great time but also introduce kids to an innovative learning experience. Enjoy with them as they apply their knowledge of geometry to make shapes with fences and develop essential skills that go beyond academics. See their creativity and imagination soar right before your eyes! This is a simple but highly addictive educational game.

So what is it that you do in this wonderful game?! Protect your farm from all kinds of harm! You’ve decided to add fences to your large farm. Anything to keep the nosy neighbors away, right? But shhh, you have to build them secretly! Whoever guesses the fences made by the other farmer, wins. Think smart, guess patiently, and fence away!

In this game, players are trying to guess the opponent’s fence patterns made up of shapes by guessing the correct vertices and deducing the kind of shapes that might be present using the correctly identified vertices. Players get points for guessing the shapes right and lose points for guessing the shapes wrong. The game ends when a player guesses all the shapes of the opponent correctly, the scoring is done by counting the number of coins or points. The player with the highest score wins the game.


Each player gets a Farm board, 1 Red and 1 Green Marker, a Wipe cloth, Write and Wipe marking sheet. A Separator Tent card is kept in between the two farm boards to block the farm boards visually for each player. Point tokens are kept nearby to be gained as the game progresses. Also, each player gets a single-colored fence sticks or connectors 3 long, 3 medium-sized, and 8 short fences.


Initially, each player constructs fences of different shapes. A square, A rectangle. A big triangle, and a small triangle. The fences are constructed on the farm board using any of the 25 vertices given on the board. The shapes can be oriented in different ways to create varieties of fences. Turn by turn players try to guess the vertices that are a part of any shape present on the opponent’s farm board. The results are marked on the marking sheets. This allows players to deduce the fence formation and the shapes by looking at the patterns recorded on the marking sheets. Players might try to guess the shape if they think they have sufficient information to guess the shape. If the shape guessed correctly, the player gets a +3-point token, if the shape is guessed incorrectly, the player gets-1-point token. When one of the players guesses all the shapes, the points are counted to declare the winner of the game.

Guess the Fence has great quality components, vibrant and attractive artwork. The cool theme of farm and fences that captures attention. Moreover, mechanisms like Hidden information, Deduction, pattern recognition, geometry, Visual Reasoning, and Communication are intelligently incorporated in the design to deliver a game that enriches your learning experience. It teaches moral values of patience, honesty, and fair play.

The game is well designed with very simple rules but the fun value and educational value are beyond expectations. It is a great game to play with kids with a tonne of replay value. Do explore Guess the Fence at Luma World.

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