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Luma World- Add Fun to Learning!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

At the advent of National Education Policy 2020, the spirits of the people are high in India. The young generation is excited to see the desired changes in the education system. The freedom to choose disciplines without categorizing them as mainstream and non-mainstream have elevated the thirst for knowledge and exploration. Students can now choose to pursue maths and music together, that is really fantastic. Also, the stages for choosing subjects are changed from 10+2 to 5+3+3+4 system. NEP 2020 has done many refinements to the learning process such as multidisciplinary study, multiple entry-exit systems, focus on non-technical subjects, study in native languages, focus on reviving the most ancient and sophisticated language- “Sanskrit”, and many such fabulous changes.

But to implement this gigantic dream and transform the education system of a country of such a great population, an effort by dedicated people is crucial in all aspects. The innovative ways of learning and imparting knowledge are crucial in the foundational years of this new education policy. It focuses on the play/ activity-based learning, inculcating good behavior, ethics, courtesy, personal and public hygiene/ cleanliness, teamwork, and cooperation, etc.

When it comes to play/ activity-based learning methodology, educational games, and activities are of paramount importance.

Especially board games and tabletop games have the quality to efficiently impart essential skills while making the learning process engaging and interesting to the students.

Learning+ Fun= The Best Educational Experience. - Tamara L. Chilver

A great initiative is taken in this direction by Luma World to facilitate learning through fun experiences. Luma World is a board game publishing company, an expert in producing board games and tabletop games that are known for its educational values. They have mastered the art of blending the learning process with fun. Their games are meticulously crafted to add educational values and life skills in any gaming sessions.

After all, learning happens only when the students are interested and engaged in the process; when they are totally in tune with the activity of their interest. The kids of ages 5 to 12 are generally playful and joyful, it is very necessary to enhance this inherent joy present in every child, and it is only possible through a process that is playful in nature. Luma world has successfully solved this conundrum.

Games like Terra Loop, Galaxy Raiders, Alpha Steel, Fracto, Mystic Arts, Guess the Fence and many such interesting products display and deliver the core principles of National Education Policy 2020.

The games have attractive themes like Robots, Wild animals, Planets, and Magicians. Also, the artwork is captivating for any young kid’s eyes. The games are designed to impart analytical skills, communication skills, mathematics skills, strategic thinking, creative thinking, etc. Combine all the above qualities and you get a superb blend of learning experience molded in a playful and fun activity of gaming.

Luma World’s vision is to make the academics and learning experience fun through board gaming and other interesting ways of imparting knowledge. If you are a lifelong learner with a playful attitude, or if you have kids at home, then Luma World is definitely a great resource to explore.



Premium Educational Games by Luma World-

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