Palm Island

Take your island with you

Palm Island is a portable game for 1 to 2 players. The game is meant to be played anywhere and at any time. It can be played sitting, standing, riding, flying, waiting, alone or together, basically, the specialty is that a table is not required. Using only 17 core cards one can play a game where you have to build a prospering settlement on an island using resources to upgrade your villages to gain victory points. Invest in resources, increase production, establish markets, expand villages, and most importantly build temples to bring the civilization aspect to your village. The victory points gained at the end of 8 rounds or 8 deck rotations are considered as the final score which shows how well you have built the island settlements.

It is designed by Jon Mietling and artwork is done by Mirko Suzuki and published by Portal Dragon in 2018. The core mechanisms used are Deck Transformation, Hand management, and Simultaneous action Selection. The game takes you right on the island with basic resources that are used to shape the settlements and villages. It gives you the feel of managing the remote island property. The game can be played in Solo mode, Cooperative mode, and Competitive mode. The best part of the game is that it is super easy to play and the fun factor just overflows throughout the gameplay.


In Solo mode, take Red or Blue core cards, a deck of 17 cards, and orient them with the sun marker located at the top left-hand corner. Shuffle the deck and place the rounds tracker on the bottom of the deck.


At each turn, the player has a choice to take action based on the top 2 cards of the deck or to discard the top card of the deck. The actions are store, rotate, and flip. These actions allow the player to interact with the resources by changing the orientation of the cards thereby transforming the deck for later use. The actions allow the player to upgrade the cards and in turn the villages. The round tracker is flipped or rotated to the next round and the game continues till 8 rounds. There are feat cards that grant you special abilities to excel at your island. The starred victory points are counted at the end of the round and the Strength of the settlements is calculated based on a score chart.

The gameplay is a rewarding experience packed in a small and compact deck. It has the ability to make you feel proud of your work. The island theme is seamlessly integrated into the game mechanism. It is a must-buy for introverts and people who like playing solo games. The game works in cooperative mode for 2 players and it has a competitive mode which makes the game interesting as a group activity. One can take this game anywhere and play and also teach it to anybody within seconds.

It is a great alternative to detox you from the mobile screen and other gadgets. Also, the game can be paused and replayed at any time as the deck and the state of the game is preserved for future plays. Overall a good carry around game with lots of fun packed in a small deck of cards with a great theme for relaxing your mind

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