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Point Salad

Point Salad is a quick game for family and friends where players draft vegetables from the market and also draft points cards to score points at the end of the game.

The game contains 108 cards with more than 100 ways to score points. Every player can use unique strategies to score points by carefully drafting veggies. The game is named after a mechanism called point salad where players try to gain victory points by various means and strategies. This game is designed all around the concept literally.

Point Salad is designed by Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, and Shawn Stankewich, and the artwork is done by Dylan Mangini. The mechanisms of the game are Card drafting, Set collection. The mechanisms are well incorporated into the theme of veggies or salad. In this game, players collect veggies and point cards to strategically gain most victory points at the end of the game.


A deck is formed by removing cards mentioned in the rulebook according to the number of players. The deck is roughly divided into 3 piles and is kept point side up. From each pile, 2 cards are flipped to its veggie side and a market is formed. There are six types of veggies and each card has a point side opposite to every veggie.


Turn by turn players draft cards. On a turn, a player has 2 options. Either take 2 veggies of your choice from the 6 revealed veggie side up cards or take one of the point cards from the top of the 3 piles of the point side up deck piles. During a turn, the player may also flip the point side card in the set collection to the veggie side to convert a point side card to a veggie card, but remember the veggie card cannot be converted to point card at any point in the game.

The game ends when all the point card piles and the veggies are drawn by all the players.

The point cards are applied to the set collection of the players individually and the final score is calculated. The player who scores most points wins the game. It means the player has succeeded in creating the best Veggie Salad with most points.

Point Salad is a fast game with lots of fun thrown around in family and friends. It is really a great game with simple rules but has may ways to strategize. Each point salad game is unique as every time new cards are presented and the point and veggie sides allow a player to score points in multiple ways. It won many awards in the family game category. It is highly recommended by Funbrio Games. It is will definitely deliver quality fun time for all the family and friends. So go grab your copy of Point Salad if you haven’t yet!

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