The Mind- Let's become one...!

The Mind

2 -4 player Game

Playtime- 20 Minutes

Ages- 8+

The Mind is a card game where you engage in a social intuition session. It is an experimental team experience in which you are not supposed to exchange any form of information whatsoever. The only information you have is the cards in your hand and based on that you intuitively try to come at synchronization with the rest of the players and try to complete all the levels. Of Course, you get some help with cards that allow you to progress through the levels in case you don’t succeed. The players’ minds will have to sync all throughout to win the game. So lets’ become one..! (The Mind). It is like an experiment to see to what extent the players can sync their minds and correspondingly their actions in relation to the group based on Communication limitations.

The game is published by Pandasaurus Games in 2018 and many others. It is designed by Wolfgang Warsch, The artwork is done by Oliver Freudenreich. The design and artwork captivate players into a telepathic world and allows them to engage in a state of deep concentration. The mechanisms used are Communication Limits, Cooperative Game, Social intuition, etc.


The setup of the game entails the deck which contains cards numbered from 1 to 100. The game consists of levels 12, 10, and 8 for 2, 3, and 4 players. The players need to complete the levels in cooperation to win the game. In every level, each player receives a hand of cards equal to the number of the level: one card in level 1, two cards in level 2, and three cards in level 3, etc. Cooperatively players must play cards one by one as they wish in the centre of the table as a discard pile. The centre discard pile must be such that all the cards in it must be in ascending order. The only catch here is that no player should communicate with any other player in any sense whatsoever. Intuitively one can play the card or cards as they wish if they think the card that they were holding is the lowest value amongst all the hands of the player. It is all about timing and synchronicity as to when you play which card and based on no information shared you take your decisions. The game progresses if all the cards in the discard pile are played in the ascending order. If that is not the case, all the players reveal the cards face up which are lower than the card played into the discard pile, and you lose one life as a team.


The game is started with a number of lives equal to the number of players. Be careful not to lose lives or else you lose the game. The players get one shuriken as a tool to reveal the lowest cards face up thereby giving some information about the hands of each player. This helps you to crack the levels and advance in the game. As players advance in levels, they get some reward such as an additional life or a shuriken. If you sync your minds and use the tools at your disposal wisely and intuitively, you are destined to complete all levels and win the game.

The game also offers an extra mode, which is far more challenging than the normal one. In this mode, the cards are played in a face-down discard pile. And the cards of the discard pile are revealed only at the end of the level played. The loss of life is resolved if the discard pile is out of order, i.e. ascending order.

Overall the game takes you into a telepathic experiment where you engage in a session of fun purely exuding from the minds of all the players playing the game in a union. Each level builds up the tension as more cards are added to your hand. The game delivers the elation once you successfully complete the levels and win the game. It also delivers the fun of trying after losing, the collective striving to win makes it worthy of your playtime.

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