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Welcome to the Dungeon

Come in if you dare...!

Welcome to the Dungeon is a push-your-luck style game for 2-4 players. It was first released as Dungeon of Mandom. In this game, players start with a hero of their choice who has a set of equipment and weapons. Players during their turns either remove the weapons from the set or add monsters to the dungeon. Players dare each other to go into a dungeon with less equipment or weapons to face the ever-increasing monsters in the dungeon. A player can win the game by winning 2 rounds of dungeon face-off and lose the game if the 2 rounds are lost. The winner gets a success card and 2 such cards assure the player's victory. The game takes more than 30 minutes and it is for ages 10 and above. It is designed by Masato Uesugi and the artwork is done by Paul Mafayon. The main mechanism is Push your luck Mechanism with bluffing, betting, and player elimination aspects. The fantasy theme suits very well and the experience of dungeon delving is astonishingly fun


Players choose or randomly draw a hero such as a barbarian, a rogue, a mage, or a warrior. Then they also place six equipment corresponding to the hero lined up beneath him on the table. The equipment allows the hero or the adventurer to successfully fight through the dungeon of monsters. The monster cards are shuffled and kept as a monster deck. Each player gets a player aid card, which shows the types of monsters and their quantity in the deck. It is kept the white side up for the first round of health. A separate dungeon pile area is kept to add monsters to the dungeon.


The game is played in rounds and each round has two phases- Bidding phase and Dungeon Phase.

In a clockwise bidding phase, on a turn, a player must draw a card from the monster deck or pass the turn and no longer participate in the round. If a player chooses to draw a monster card, he looks at it without letting anyone else see it and decides to either put the monster faced down in the dungeon pile, or place the monster faced down in front of you and remove one of the hero’s equipment. The monster and the equipment is considered not part of the round. If the hero has no equipment left the monster is added directly to the dungeon. Once all the players but one has passed, the remaining player must take the hero into the dungeon with the remaining equipment. This ends the bidding phase.

In the dungeon phase, the one player who did not pass takes the hero into the dungeon and resolves the HPs of the hero and the equipment. Then the player reveals monsters of the dungeon pile and fights it with the equipment or the health of the hero. If the HP lost after fighting all the monsters in the dungeon is less than the starting HP, the player wins the round and receives a success card. If the HP at the end is less than starting HP, the player loses the round and turns the red side of the player aid card face up to signify a loss of one round of play.

There are a variety of monsters such as Goblins, Skeletons, Orcs, Dragon, etc. and a variety of fantastic equipment like Ring of power, vorpal axe, healing potion, etc.

The game delivers the fun of entering the dungeon full of monsters and fighting through them to emerge victorious at the end of the dungeon. It engages players to increase the difficulty of the dungeon by adding monsters or removing the equipment of the adventurer. It builds up the tension of revealing the monsters in the dungeon. Fight them bravely using the adventurer of your confidence.

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